Prospective contestants for the Youth European Championships

Day 3 at the international four-star tournament in Achleiten was not only the day of the Freestyle, but also a big sighting day for Austria’s young dressage athletes. A summary.

Katharina Fadrany and Laureen 3. Photo (c) Michael Rzepa

Victoria Wurzinger and Dorian. Photo (c) Michael Rzepa

Nicola Louise Ahorner and Robbespiere. Photo (c) Michael Rzepa

Karoline Valenta at the victory ceremony. Foto (c) Michael Rzepa

The first ones to enter the arena in Achleiten were the Children, i.e. the age category 12 to 14 years. There, the Viennese Katharina Fadrany (14) with Laureen 3 took her second international victory after her success on Thursday.

The athlete, 7th in last year’s European Championships, is trained by Stephanie Dearing, who proudly said, “Katharina is highly motivated and comes to us to Carinthia every weekend for training.“

In the category Young Riders, the Belgian Antonia Arl won just like the day before, this time before her team colleague Numa Verberne. Best Austrian once again was Victoria Wurzinger with Dorian on 3rd place with a score of almost 70 percent. Marie Christine Fuhs and Perfect Illusion SJP placed 4th.

In the category Juniors, the Belgian Antonia Arl also took the victory – this time with Equestricons Lagerfeld K and a score of 71.036 percent. The Austrians Nicola Louise Ahorner with Robbespiere (70.495) and Victoria Wurzinger with Bvlgari (70.27) ranking 2nd and 3rd showed their ambitions for the European Championships.

The European Championships in Dressage in the categories Children (12 to 14 years), Juniors (14 to 18 year) and Young Riders (16 to 21 years) will take place in Roosendaal (NED; 9 to 13 August).

Karoline Valenta and Valenta’s Diego used the U25 sighting for a double victory. On Saturday, they won the Grand Prix with a score of 67.713 percent. The U25 Dressage European Championships will be held in Salzburg, Lamprechtshausen (30 August to 3 September).

Prize sponsored by a patron of youth equestrian sport  
N°16 FEI Children Individual Competition (CDICh)
1. Katharina Fadrany (AUT), Laureen 3 69.218 %
2. Sofie Thonhauser (AUT), Dioptas 68.802
3. Leon Aschauer (AUT), Wellensteyn 66.927
Detailed results here

Prize sponsored by DISMERO
N°12 FEI Young Riders Individual Competition (CDIYR)
1. Antonia Arl (BEL), Equestricons Belstaff W 71.096 %
2. Numa Verberne (BEL), Equestricons Bolita 70.702
3. Victoria Wurzinger (AUT), Dorian 4 69.649
4. Marie-Christine Fuhs (AUT), Perfect Illusion SJP 67.807
9. Kristina Sober (AUT), Perfect Two Faces 62.149
Detailed results here

U25 Sighting FEI Grand Prix U25
1. Karoline Valenta (AUT), Valenta’s Diego 67.713 %
2. Timna Zach (AUT), Qantico 67.287
2. Franziska Fries (AUT), Atomic 65.504
Detailed results here

Prize sponsored by Porsche Inter Auto GmbH & Co.KG
N°13 FEI Juniors Team Competition (CDIJ)
1. Antonia Arl (BEL), Equestricons Lagerfeld K 71.036 %
2. Nicola Louise Ahorner (AUT), Robbespiere 70.495
3. Victoria Wurzinger (AUT), Bvlgari 70.27
4. Lilli Ochsenhofer (AUT), Sanibel 68.874
6. Nicola Louise Ahorner (AUT), Lezard 12 67.477
7. Chiara Pengg (AUT), Auheim’s Feliciano 66.757
10. Helene Grabenwöger (AUT), der Fuchs 3 65.0
11. Valentina Strobl (AUT), Cypria F 64.91
12. Lara Süss (AUT), Donnerbube Junior 64.55
13. Lara Süss (AUT), Louis Vuitton 3 62.883
14. Kathrin Brugger (AUT), Dior 62.703
Detailed results here

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