Enthralling contact with the bit

Roberto Carlos MT also convinced in the Tour for 7-year-old horses in the difficult Final Test.

Roberto Carlos MT and Stefan Lehfellner dominated the Tour for Young Horses (7y). Photo (c) Michael Rzepa

Victory ceremony at home. Foto (c) Michael Rzepa

“Enthralling contact with the bit, light-footed, light, willing,“ these were the praiseworthy words of the judges for the 7-year-old black Oldenburg gelding, owned by Elisabeth Max-Theurer and presented by Stefan Lehfellner. “Robert“, his amiable stable name at Achleiten Castle, received 8.2, the best mark of the day, for his trot. Overall score: 78.382 percent.

“He is my heartfelt horse,“ said Stefan Lehfellner who has been working with Roberto Carlos MT for 2 years. “It has not always been easy with him but he has endless potential. Today, he was incredibly easy to ride and very confident in the arena, although the Final Test had a really high difficulty. A few months from now, we will try the Small Tour.“

On 2nd place with a score of 74.833 percent (“active trot, safe walk, light-footed canter“): the Westphalian gelding Damon’s Classic, presented by Freestyle winner Belinda Weinbauer.

Prize sponsored by Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V.
N°04 FEI Final Test 7-year-old horses (CDIYH)
1. Stefan Lehfellner (AUT), Roberto Carlos MT 78.382 %
2. Belinda Weinbauer (AUT), Damon’s Classic 74.833
3. Stefan Lehfellner (AUT), Albertina MT 72.092
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