„eDressage“: successful world premiere in Achleiten!

From Wednesday to Sunday, the international four-star dressage show in Achleiten experienced a successful world premiere called “eDressage“. Tablets replaced paper, pens and writers for the judges.

"eDressage" - Tablets replaced paper, pens and writers for the judges in Achleiten. Fotos (c) Michael Rzepa

Positive effect: the final scores are transmitted very quickly via i-Cloud to the reporting office, the rider receives his/her score directly in the dressage arena, no additional and belated corrections are necessary.

“We were all very excited,“ Sissy Max-Theuer, the hostess of the dressage show, who has decades of experience in dressage judging, said. “But after five days of events, we can proudly say that the new paperless system is going great and judges, writers, riders and spectators are all excited about the speed and reliability of the new system.“

Thomas Lang, Austria’s five-star judge, confirmed: “The new system worked flawlessly, it was really great and completely unproblematic to work with it. The input masks on the tablets are very clear, you can control every entry and score really well and it’s easy to add comments. The judges signs the protocol directly on the screen and the rider  electronically receives the protocol more or less five minutes after his/her ride. By quickly transmitting the scores, which need not be corrected afterwards, the audience gets even closer to the sport.“

The mastermind of this new “paperless judging“ system is Daniel Göhlen and his software development company Black Horse, which, in cooperation with SAP (keyword: secure i-Cloud), is bringing forward the technical development of these electronic sports rating systems. The European Equestrian Federation (EEF) has pushed this technical innovation with its Secretary-General Carina Mayer and its own working group, the Central European Dressage Group (CED), in which Sissy Max-Theurer also participates.

“The possibilities that arise from this system lead us into a new dimension in the presentation of this sport,“ Thomas Baur, the dressage show organizer, who successfully coordinated the smooth test run here in Achleiten together with the reporting office Hippodata and all other participants, said.

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