Hans Max-Theurer

Personal information:
Married to Sissy Max-Theurer since 1983
2 children: Victoria (born 1985) and Johannes (born 1987)
Citizenship: Austrian
Place and date of birth: Wels, Austria, August 17, 1942

State certified riding teacher

Hans Max-Theurer has been training horses and riders for nearly 50 years. He began his career as a professional rider in the riding town of Ampflwang with a Yugoslavian Lipizzan cross named Astor, a horse that originally earned his oats as a school horse but represented the Austrian flag at the Dressage World Championships in Copenhagen in 1974.
His most famous pupils are his wife Sissy, who he trained right up to the European Champion title in  
Aarhus/DEN in 1979 and a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Moscow/RUS, as well as the Austrian State Champion title six times and married in 1983, and their daughter Victoria born in  1985.
Now retired, Hans Max-Theurer dedicates himself to training his daughter Victoria and her horses. And in case something doesn't work quite as expected, "Papa can fix it".

At least 30 Grand Prix horses and many advanced (S) level dressage horses have reached international competition level thanks to his training. His most well-known horses are the European Champion and Olympic winner Mon Cherie as well as the Olympic Game finalists Acapulco and Liechtenstein, European Championships fifth placed and Nürnberg Burg Pokal winner Augustin OLD as well as Walzertraum, Agrigento, Donaufürst, Falcao OLD, August der Starke OLD, Eviva Espana, Salieri OLD, Moliere and many others.

Due to the great success he has had, the title "Reitmeister" [Master of Equitation] was bestowed to Hans Max-Theurer.
He presently heads the Department of Training Equestrian Sport in Austria.  

Other interests: art and antiques, forts and castles

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